Network Members 


Dr Sam Illingworth

Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at MMU, researching how games can be used to develop a dialogue between experts and non-experts.


Dr Paul Wake

Reader in English at MMU, researching narrative theory, historiography, and the function of narrative in gaming.


Dr Tom Brock

Senior Lecturer in Sociology in MMU and ex-‘Professional’ counter-strike player. Researching social psychology and politics of play.


Oliver Clark

Psychology PhD student at MMU. Researching the use of video game avatars to promote health behaviours such as physical activity.


Dr Matthew Crossley

Lecturer at MMU. Researching nature-inspired algorithms, and how they lend themselves to the automation of games.


Charlotte Gislam

Postgraduate researcher in English at MMU, researching artificial intelligence, game studies and spatial theory. 


Dr Esperanza Miyake

Lecturer in Information and Communication at MMU, researching identity in relation to technology, digital media, and popular culture.


Dr Chloé Germaine Buckley

Senior Lecturer in English Literature and Film at MMU, researching the Gothic, the Weird and other forms of ‘Fantastika’ in fiction & games.


Dr Jenny Cole

Senior Lecturer in Psychology at MMU, researching experiences of female video gamers related to representations of female bodies in games.


Ursula Curwen

Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences at Edge Hill University, PhD student at MMU, looking at how location based games can make us more social.


Prof Colin Harvey

Visiting Prof at MMU & Senior Narrative Designer with Sony VR, specialising in digital storytelling, transmedia narrative, & building.


Dr Matthew Carter

Senior Lecturer in Film at MMU. Researching Western, Science Fiction, and Horror in films, and the cross-over with games.


Dr Jenny Cromwell

Lecturer in Ancient History at MMU researching the role of board games in the ancient world and the role of the ancient world in board and video games.


Jon Garrad

PhD student at MMU, researching death, difficulty and transformative textuality in role playing games.


John Lean

Postgraduate researcher in Education at MMU, researching the potential of games, play, and participation in informal adult learning.

Associate Members


Dr Paul Booth

Associate Professor at DePaul University in Chicago, researching fandom, time travel, and board games.


Darren Edwards

Senior Library Assistant at Poole Library, UK Coordinator – ALA International Games Week. Promoting the value of games in libraries.


Dr Mark Johnson

Research Fellow at University of Alberta, researching play and money in live streaming, Esports and fantasy sports; ex-pro poker player.


Michael Rowley

Commissioning Editor at Rebellion Publishing specialising in Sci-fi, Fantasy & Horror. Interested in Interactive Fiction, RPGs & videogames.


Dr Jana Wendler

Lecturer at the University of Manchester, teaching creative and experimental geographies. Independent street game designer with Playfuel.


Tim Cockitt

Now retired, following a career in computing; a Euro boardgames industry insider, with wider interest in Experimental Wargaming.


Dr. James “Pigeon” Fielder

Associate professor of political science at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Studies trust and cooperation in digital and analogue games.


Dr Laura Mitchell

Founder of Seriously Learned Ltd, and an independent scholar and games-based consultant.


Jonathan Stubbs

PhD student at NTC/MU. Researching the use of apocalyptic imagery in computer games, focusing on Bioware’s Mass Effect trilogy.


Hwa Young

Socially Engaged Artist working with people and games (board, card, RRG, Text Adventure).


Ashley Darrow

Researcher, looking into the intersection of the Gothic and Digital Gaming. Also interested in game design and gaming pedagogy.


Victoria Hunter

Librarian, vice Chair and digital champion for the Public & Mobile Libraries Group.


Dr Matthew Partridge

Senior Research Fellow at Southampton University, investigating the use of games for research engagement.


Dr Jan-Noël Thon

Assistant Professor in Media Studies and Digital Media Culture at the University of Nottingham, researching narrative complexity.


These are the organisations that the MGSN has collaborated with, or is collaborating with.