Munchkin (The Salutation, 26th October 2016)

munchkin-deluxe This lunchtime session will be devoted to Munchkin, the card game by Steve Jackson Games. This is a game for 3-6 players which is a humorous and light-hearted dungeon adventure game. People have described Munchkin as a 'gateway drug' into the more hardcore realms of games such Dungeons and Dragons, but it is also just a very fun game to play, and can end up taking between 1 and 2 hours, depending on how canny your opponents are feeling!

It was decided by the membership of the Network that the focus of these lunchtime sessions would be on getting together to play games, rather than exploring specific research questions, giving members the opportunity to try out some new games and play some of their old favourites, and Munchkin falls very nicely into this bracket.

In contrast to Dead of Winter, there is no cooperation involved in Munchkin what-so-ever, as it is every player for themselves! One of the best playthroughs of this game is from Wil Wheaton, not least because it features Steve Jackson himself!

Alternatively, there is a tutorial from the Big Game Hunters Show here:

Sam Illingworth