Interested in playing video games competitively?


In collaboration with MMU’s Gaming Society, we would like to invite all Manchester Met students to register their interest in developing esports at MMU. Esports or electronic sports is the umbrella term typically used to describe organised, competitive gaming played by professionals.

We are seeking players who are enthusiastic about playing video games competitively to begin formalising structures of support for esports at a University-wide level. This includes access to equipment, administrative support, marketing, and invitations to a range of local and national competitions.

The games selected for investment will reflect the passion and commitment of the players that MMU has to offer.

Please come along to our first meeting on Wednesday 18th October, at 2-4pm, in Lecture Theatre 6, Geoffrey Manton Building, All Saints Campus.

We look forward to seeing you there.

For any immediate enquiries, please contact Dr Tom Brock or Dr Matthew Crossley.