Inspiring Through Games


The work of three Games Research Network members was recently published in the April edition of Physics World and today online. The training, delivered by Sam Illingworth and Paul Wake, and coordinated by Hannah Renshall from the Institute of Physics, aimed to empower non-scientist community leaders already working with audiences under-represented in physics to engage them with aspirational STEM activities. Since then, regular board game meetup groups intended to reach independent adults have been set up in Cheshire libraries and several science-themed events have been arranged with the University of the Third Age. Of course some might argue that outreach to audiences already past the key-decision making ages when a young person might opt to study physics A-level or go on study it at university doesn’t make sense – but the IOP and GRN believes that in addition to the value of increasing science capital in the key influencers around a young person, making science as much a part of our culture as arts and games so that it is open, accessible and relevant to everyone is a worthy goal in itself.

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