Call for Papers: The Present and Future of History and Games

One day symposium: The Present and Future of History and Games

Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick, UK
28th February 2020

Proposals are invited for either 1) 15-minute research papers or other types of creative presentations, or 2) roundtables and/or topics for discussion. Both types of proposal should address (or subvert) one or more of the following key areas:

  1. CURRENT RESEARCH AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS: How do digital and non-digital games shed light on or complicate the study of cultural, social, and/or political history, heritage, archaeology and more? What areas require further scholarly attention?

  2. PLAYER STUDIES: How do players understand or challenge history through their experience of playing games?

  3. GAME DESIGN: How might game design practices be used to interrogate history and represent the past? What are the challenges of doing so?

  4. TEACHING AND PEDAGOGY: How can games be used to engage and teach students?

  5. FUTURE-PROOFING: What steps need to be taken to ensure that the source material we need to continue studying the history in and of games is accessible and preserved?

Please submit proposals (max. 300 words) and brief bio(s) to by 17th November 2019.

Manchester Game Studies