Many Splendored Things

It’s been a great year to be reviewing books that fall under the umbrella of game studies. This year has given us a labor history of gaming, queer studies, and the politics of game mechanics. A book about the nature of sex, play, and game studies feels like a perfect fit.

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International Games Week

Registration for this year's International Games Week (2nd-9th November) is now open. The initiative is open to all libraries regardless of the sector - to sign up they just need to be hosting a games event during or around the week of 2nd to 9th November

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The Games We Play

In this extended read, Dr Paul Booth presents the findings of a survey of board gamers to find out who played hobby games, what types of games people played, and how people played games together.

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Video Games Have Always Been Queer

In their latest book, Video Games Have Always Been Queer, Bonnie Ruberg lays out the case for the fabric of play and gaming being essentially queer. That title is, as internet speak suggests, something of a BIG MOOD and can serve as a rallying cry and a reminder: video games have always been queer.

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